AGWF is a curatorial team, with the aim to foster camaraderie between artists and their audience. Straightforward about such an ambitious goal, we seek to play with the content of our projects and publications. Taking cooperation as a creed, we intend to expand causally with each idiosyncratic undertaking.

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4/22/2011 — 4/30/2011

The freedoms necessary for creative pursuits are not easily evoked when they are confronted with official institutions exterior to world of art. Bureaucracy, careerism and superficiality become intimate when cultural praxis becomes not only a spiritual, or psychological drive assumed within artistic subjectivity but instead enters it as a concrete variable, irregardless of the artist's motive. The works exhibited will radiate this dilemma not simply within the poetics of their appearance, but as anxieties that perforate the daily life of their authors.

Artists Included

Tamar Ettun
Allison Freeman
Tanya Goel
Hrvoje Slovenc
Cheon pyo Lee


Hosted at: The White Flag

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