AGWF is a curatorial team, with the aim to foster camaraderie between artists and their audience. Straightforward about such an ambitious goal, we seek to play with the content of our projects and publications. Taking cooperation as a creed, we intend to expand causally with each idiosyncratic undertaking.


Sunday, June 3rd, from 2pm to 7pm
Top Top Studio, 75 19th St (at 3rd Ave)
Brooklyn, New York

Along with Top Top Studio, we would like to announce the AGWF Open.

Rivalry and friendship are momentarily resolved in the practice of play. We would like to affirm both the sociable cooperation and the pleasant competition that results from such tenacity and its resolution.

You are invited to play at the AGWF Open, hosted by Top Top Studio. As part of the Open, we ask that you bring any materials and diversions you might need to play. These include: homemade games, board games, toys, cards, sporting equipment, gaming systems and even games that are art works.

To add to the amusement, AGWF will publish a statistical record of the afternoon’s events. Seen as a promotional tournament or a friendly match, this record will allow each participant to reminisce on their skills and contributions to the day’s happenings.


You can also find information about this event at our Facebook Event Page.


Hosted at: Top Top Studio




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